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Legacy Xtensible Web Manager (XWM) hosting

Anytime, Anywhere Communications Management

As of January 1st 2017 (due to unforseen circumstances), Media-Hosts will be providing hosting customers who were on the XWM service. For more details, please contact us directly.

Xtensible Web Manager offers a unique set of web tools that make daily maintenance of your site quick and easy. XWM provides your organization with a website, intranet and extranet - all in one. We work with you to establish an initial design and build a brand framework that is easy to use.

Our solutions includes a multitude of pre-integrated tools, drastically reducing the costs and turn-around time of ongoing site maintenance, communication and collaboration.

Powerful Global Communications Management System

The XWM solution includes:

Getting Started: Get the latest information about the XWM System including the current version; previous versions, features, support, training links, what’s new in this release and, various messages including prototypes, special messages and, notifications.

Content: Keeping information up to date is critical with any information system. Your communication needs start with basic content. It can be challenging to request information through forms and surveys before knowing what your baseline content will be. Content is the most commonly used set of features of the Xtensible Web Manager. Day to day content is managed by way of the File Manager, Navigation System, Documents, Positionals, Articles and Announcements.

Feedback: A rich web-system will include the ability to collect information from the communities you work with. Feedback from the public, your clients, your staff and your partners will allow for critical business decision ability. Getting your feedback is acheived through the use of Forms, Surveys, Votes, Registrations and Take Action.

Members: Interaction with the public, your staff, your clients and your partners is an integral part of any modern web system. The ability to quickly record service being done, provide collaborative work areas and collect membership fees can dramatically change the perception of your organization with the people and companies you interact with. Your organizations “value add“ should be apparent to everyone with whom you work. Member features include management of Web Users, Membership database and financial collections of dues, Project / Collaboration Workspaces, Time and Expense tracking and Invoicing, Work Areas, Forums, Bulletin Boards, Abstracts and Evaluations, Roundtables / e-Discussion, Events and Calendars.

Tools: As with any application, a rich tool set can provide extreme benefit to your organization. By introducing the people with whom you interact with a variety of added benefits, your organization can reap the rewards of well established business practices. The abilty to use Resource Libraries, Image Galleries, Advertising, E-Mail Newsletters and notifications, Policies and procedures, Image Mapping, Geo Libraries, E-commerce and Donations will show the benefits your organization has to offer.

Administration: The ability to minimize the amount of work required by an administrator is key to the success of any organization. By providing administrators the ability to assign User Management access rights to any or all of the modules included in the Xtensible Web Manager, critical items by content stakeholders can be rapidly deployed. Access to vital information such as Web Usage can dramatically change the way you communicate your business to the public, your clients, your staff and your partners. Quick ability to manage and create Metatags throughout your system will greatly improve your visibility over the web.

Branding: In order to provide the ability for users to create content quickly, primary branding components have been placed within the Branding section of the Xtensible Web Manager. This provides administrators with the ability to “type and go”. Two versions of the editor are available. Rich Text and Plain Text. The Plain text editor provides greater protection of the corporate brand while the Rich text editor provides greater flexibility for site content. Management of your brand is controled by Culture, Image Themes and the Style Manager.

Configuration: Various systems include the ability to customize what your system can do. Including setting up Tax structures, Help system, language and Culture.

For support, please open a ticket from our customer portal.