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We're here to provide a hosting platformt that scales to your business needs, while providing industry class uptime and reliability.

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Cloud Virtual Servers Now Available

Deploy and manage VM's from your client area in real time. Pay only for the resources you allocate.

Hourly Billing Rates

Add flexibility to your development team by only paying for what you use.

Scale up your production applications during busy periods to increase your bottom line.

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RAM GB/hr $0.00344
CPU Unit/hr $0.00385
Disk GB/hr $0.00075
Network In /GB Free
Network Out /GB $0.05
Backup Storage GB/hr $0.000085
IPv4 Each/hr $0.00411 1 IP free

Light VPS OpenVZ

  • 4x Intel E5 2620 CPU's
  • 1GB Ram
  • 30GB Storage
  • 1TB / 100mbps / 2 IP's

$15 /month

E3-1231 v3 Dedicated Server

  • When you need Bare Metal
  • 2x 500GB Samsung SSD / 8GB RAM
  • 100TB / 1gbps
  • Up to /27 IP Subnet

$79 /month


  • 2 Intel vCPU's
  • 512MB RAM / 20GB HDD
  • Run Your Own Kernel
  • 100mbit / 1TB MonthlyTransfer / 2 IP's

$15 /month

More In-Stock dedicated servers starting at $59.99 available.